Helping O&P Practices Thrive



Improved administrative processes, employee engagement, and revenue cycle management.

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Practice Management

Practice analysis, process development, and strategic and financial planning.

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Staff Development

Group and one-on-one training, personnel planning, O&P education, and so much more.

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O&P compliance, medicare policy, insurance authorization, billing and coding, etc.

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O & P Insight is an established leader in O & P consulting.  Lesleigh, Curt, and Michelle have over 78 years of combined experience in O&P ranging from clinical, administrative, and policy.  O&P Insight's focus is to learn your business and provide assistance to improve your profitability, efficiency, and viability in this ever-changing environment of healthcare.

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Meet Our Team

O&P Insight Team Members
Lesleigh Sisson
Curt Bertram
Michelle Wullstein

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