Featured Speakers

Paul Prusakowski

Founder and CEO of OPIE Software, a healthcare information technology company founded in 1995 that has played an instrumental role in transforming the landscape of the orthotics and prosthetics provider space through standardization of workflows and data collection.

Building upon almost three decades in the field as an orthotic & prosthetic practice owner and clinician as well as in leadership roles as president for the state and national professional associations, channeled personal knowledge and passion for the advancement of quality patient care for people with disabilities by serving the profession through Healthcare Information Technology.

Servant leadership, grit and a relentless pursuit of excellence have driven the execution of the vision to transform rehabilitation HIT through continuous innovation and delivery of products and services that strategically position OPIE Software customers for long term success.

Personally dedicated to supporting a strong user community through a knowledge network (OPIE Choice Network), facilitation of Mastermind groups for collaborative establishment of best practices, a commitment to education as a strategy, and a passion for continuous improvement through data supported initiatives all of which reinforce my position as a successful healthcare IT leader and innovative trend setter and visionary