Featured Speakers

John Cronin

John Cronin is Director Sales and Marketing for Cascade Orthopedic Supply. John originally hails from Nottingham, England, and held various corporate sales and marketing positions in here in the US, first in New York and later in California. John joined the Cascade team 14 years ago, and immediately embraced the diversity, healthcare focus, and profound purpose that makes up the orthotic and prosthetic industry.

In his career at Cascade, John leads with integrity and a strong work ethic. He is most proud of helping to build a professional sales and marketing organization—a strong team that has moved through various transitions an upward growth over the years. John’s leadership has guided the company through the acquisition of Knit-Rite’s distribution in 2009, OrtoPed in 2015, the Covid-19 challenges, and most recently, the partnership with Ottobock, forged by their investment in Cascade in 2020.

The sales and marketing organization that makes up Cascade today is largely a result of John’s passion for customer service and strong leadership. Building a solid sales and marketing infrastructure has allowed Cascade to provide more value and attention to vendors and customers, expand educational scope and outreach, and add a multitude of new products to the company’s product portfolio.

Moving forward, John is excited about the opportunities ahead, knowing Cascade is more prepared than ever to provide exceptional customer service and continued collaboration with vendors and customers.